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Hey guys! Father’s day is right around the corner and Sorelle Care has 2 items on sale now that are perfect for your dad!

Men usually skip over skin care, unless they absolutely need to get rid or a problem like an acne break out or irritation. It can be hard to get them to commit to a regime even if they know it’s good for their skin- well we have a solution to that problem!

Numis Med carries 2 in 1 products for busy/ low maintenance men (or women) & it’s also designed for dry sensitive skin! Your dad can shower with just one product: Numis Med 2 in 1 Sport, which is a shampoo and shower gel that is pH balanced so it won’t strip away any vital oils or irritate his skin. A big plus is that it’s also safe for the face & eye area and made with patented ingredients that protect and hydrate the skin.

After the shower and shave he can apply the Numis Med Protective Lotion to his face & body to lock in moisture & soothe any irritation from shaving! This lotion dries matte, so it won’t look or feel greasy on his skin, just soft and fresh!

These two products are all he will need for a daily skin care regime, it’s so easy to maintain & right now the Numis med 2 in 1 Sport Shampoo & Shower gel + the Numis Med Protective Lotion are 30% OFF with code: YAY4DADS

It’s the perfect time to buy dad a gift and kick start his skin care routine! + If you Buy on Amazon you get Free Shipping with a Prime Membership!


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Happy Shopping :)