Clinically tested
tea tree oil
for blemished skin

Australian green old works effectively
against skin impurities and irritation.

Acne, Stubborn pimples, Blackheads or Rash
We Have the Solution

With the right blemished skin treatments, preventing acne scars and future breakout can become much quicker and easier. Alkmene offers pharmaceutical-quality Australian tea tree oil combined with the nourishing properties of modern cosmetic products. Protect your skin from bacterial infection, and solve your skin problem effectively.

Facial Series

Made with Australian Tea Tree

Which is one of the 300 species of “tea tree” on the earth that effectively heals your blemished skin.



Antiviral in many cases



Australian Green Gold, Australian Tea Tree Oil Effective Care

The effective formulations of the products are based on one single selected and powerful medicinal plant of organic quality.
The wonderful fragrance and soothing texture treat consumers to a luxury care experience.

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What do clients say?

It has tea tree oil in it, which is the reason why I chose to buy it, because I wanted my scars to fade away faster and better.

Cathlene Nicole

shower gel
These products cleanse my face and hold in moisture without feeling heavy. I love the tea tree smell and feeling on my skin.


Facial wash
Got my stuff fast. Smells great, not very thick lather but does its job. For acne...tea tree is recommended for it. Worth checking out at the price.

James D

shower gel


  1. What is Tea tree oil?
    Tea tree oil (lat. Melaleuca alternifolia) is an age-old traditional substance whose remarkable effects have been known by Australian aborigines for millennia. Tea tree oil is produced through steam distillation of leaves and tips of twigs and consists of about 100 different substances.
  2. How Tea Tree Oil Work?
    The special effects of tea tree oil are based on the composition of its essential substances. The mixture of components makes it possible to use this oil in different areas of application. The main active ingredients in the oil are eucalyptol (1,8-Cineol) and terpinen-4-ol. 

    Aside from various other terpenes, tea tree oil also comprises more than 100 components. Some of them are extremely rare in the plant kingdom. And the specific mixture of these components is what gives tea tree oil its particular usefulness.
  3. What is the fabric?
    The eye mask is totally washable, hand wash and gently rub with cool water. Then the naturally dry.
  4. Why Australian Tea tree oil?
    Tea tree oil is a pure and natural product whose properties have fascinated people for centuries, which is why it is also known as "Australia's green gold". Tea tree oil is a highly complex gift from Mother Nature. Its astonishing effectiveness is due to the composition of its essential essences. In addition to cineole and terpinen-4-ol, it is composed of more than 100 other ingredients. Some of them are extremely rare in the plant world. Their interaction results in the famous, proven powers of tea tree oil.

    Tea tree oil has a triple antiseptic effect, fighting against: 
    • Fungi 
    • Bacteria
    • Various types of viruses

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