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Does your skin tighten the moment you step out of the shower? Do you get red and splotchy when you’re nervous or stressed? Are you prone to rashes in extreme weather conditions?

If you’ve answered “UGH, YES” to any one of these questions, chances are, like me, you suffer from dry, sensitive skin.

When I first started at Sorelle Care and was introduced to the Numis Med Sensitive product line I was curious, but hesitant. Too many times I have tried switching brands only to have my skin break out in hives or splotches. 

But then I started to read more into how the product line was developed and ended up giving it a shot – and learning more about my own skin in the process.

Let me briefly share the take-aways that convinced me to give the brand a shot:

1.   ALL Numis Med Products match the pH value of your skin


Much like the balancing act if life, our skin desires a perfect pH balance.  Your skin’s natural pH can get thrown off for a number of reasons like eating the wrong foods, stress but most importantly: using the wrong skin care products.

When your skin’s pH balance is thrown off, your skin can react in a number of ways that include acne, inflammation, wrinkles or extreme sensitivity.

To put it simply, your skin’s barrier (aka “acid mantle”) is responsible for keeping in moisture while blocking out toxins and germs.  For your skin to be most protected it should be slightly acidic and have a pH balance of 5.5. If it’s gets too acidic you’ll experience extreme sensitivity and even *GASP* sun damage and wrinkles!

But thankfully, using the Numis Med products to balance the natural pH value of my skin is A LOT easier than the balancing act of life!

2.   Wonderful SymCalmin® soothes your skin


This special little ingredient that you’ll find within all Numis Med products is what makes this line so gentle and soothing.  Modeled after the soothing ingredients in oats -  this active ingredient was specially developed for sensitive skin.  Better than ANY uncomfortable (and weird) oat bath!

3.   Soap Free

 If you’re like me and are new to the “Soap-Free” trend, picking a cleanser that is “Soap Free” seems strange. 

But, basically, it connects to my first point. Soap ingredients can strip your skin of natural oils and disrupt your acid mantle.  It can also cause wrinkles, and dry out your skin – hence: hives and sensitivity. Soap Free is the way to go.

4.  “All in One” Cleansers


Your skin is the largest organ in your body, so why would you need to buy 2 different products for your face and body? Also, if you’re like me, you are even prone to skin sensitivity from your shampoo rinsing onto your back and shoulders!

Enter: Numis Med.  There are a variety of “all in one” products within this brand to choose from.  All Numis Med cleansers can be used for your face, body and even hair. Who wouldn’t want a product that not only saves space on your shower ledge, but is also completely safe and effective on your entire body!?

Sensitive skin can also be soothed and managed with a number of lifestyle changes. But educating yourself on the products you use every day will diminish the stressors that could cause a break out. 

After educating myself on the “Science” behind the Numis Med brand, I gained the confidence to make the switch – hopefully my story will encourage you to do the same 😊


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