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Hey guys! So summer is here and to celebrate we have summer sales and a DIY foot scrub to help you get your feet ready for sandal season!

The products currently on sale for 30% off are our best selling body products: Alkmene Tea Tree Oil Infused Shower Gel & Foot Cream! Using this foot cream alone has magical results on dry cracked feet, but I want to tell the S.C family about the little spa routine I do to get smooth, hydrated feet comparable to a pedicure :)

Alkmene teat tree oil shower gel alkmene tea tree oil foot cream foot scrub DIY with coconut oil and sugar

What you'll need:

-Alkmene Shower Gel
-Tea tree oil
-Alkmene foot cream
-Coconut oil

Step 1- Make the DIY foot scrub!

Mix 3 drops of tea tree oil with 1 tsp of coconut oil and 1.5 tsp of sugar. Yes, that's it!

Optional- you could add peppermint oil to mask the scent if you can't stand the scent of tea tree oil.

Step 2- Shower!

Enjoy the refreshing cleanse of Alkmene shower gel!

Step 3- Scrub!

After cleansing simply exfoliate the bottom of each foot with your DIY scrub. The skin will be softer and easier to polish after being in water for a few minutes.

Pro tip - You can use the scrub after showering & while sitting, this way you avoid slipping in the tub!

Step 4- Moisturize!

Finish your mini foot spa by massaging the Alkmene foot cream into your feet! You can also put on a pair of socks right after to help lock in the cream and get all the benefits!

I personally love to do this routine about an hour before bed, socks included. It is the best way for me to nourish my tired dry feet, plus going to bed almost right away and not having to walk around or rub off product really helps the moisture sink in!

From now until June 30th the Alkmene Shower Gel & Foot Cream are both 30% OFF on Amazon with code ALKMENEE

+ Free Shipping with a Prime Membership ;)

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