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Hey S.C family, I hope everyone is having a good long weekend!

I wanted to have a quick chat with you about the importance of pH balance in your skin care products, as well as let you know about our current promo :)

We've all heard about how importance it is to keep our body's alkaline, meaning we need to eat foods that are not acidic or at the very least, neutral. But when it comes to skin and hair care we actually want to use products that are slightly more acidic, something around the pH of 5.


Because this is around the same natural pH level of our skin and hair.

What are the benefits?

For hair– using a shampoo with a slightly more acidic pH that matches the pH of our hair helps to keep moisture locked in and helps to smooth out frizz. If you're not using a product with a pH of about 5 then you could be stripping and damaging your hair to a point where not even conditioner could repair it.

For skin- Using a body wash with a pH level of around 5 doesn't disrupt the skins natural protective moisture barrier, meaning it won't dry out -leading to more wrinkles and sagging skin. It can protect itself against bad bacteria because it is functioning well and as it should, and also having skin with a proper pH level helps to allow your skin to absorb other products more effectively – meaning you will get the full skin care benefits from your toners, serums and creams.

Why you need Numis Med 2 in 1 Sport

- Well for starters its now 50% off on Amazon with code : SPORTx50(+ free shipping if you have a prime membership!)

- It's also convenient, its a shampoo and shower gel with a pH of 5.5, designed for people on the go such as athletes, campers or travellers... As well as for us regular folk who just want to keep the number of products in our shower to a minimum :)

- It's also made with patented ingredients like SymCalmin® - This ingredient is modelled after the soothing active ingredients found in oats, however unlike most oat based formula’s, Numis med® Sensitive contains NO allergenic components. Which means this product keeps your skins protective moisture barrier AND soothes already stressed, dry or irritated skin!

With these benefits and this huge discount you have no excuse not to try it ;P

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Happy shopping!