Meet the Sisters

Friendly & skin care obsessed -  Meet the Sorelle Care sisters working hard to deliver the best European beauty products to your doorstep!


Meet Annie! 


What are most likely to be doing on a Saturday, alone? 

Meditation. However, it’s not often that I am alone on a Saturday!

Shark diving, bungee jumping, or sky diving? 

None of these words fit into my vocabulary!

Who is your biggest inspiration? 

Wendy, my Sorelle partner

What is your favorite product?
 Alkmene Tea Tree Shower Gel. It’s the most refreshing part of my day!


Meet Ashley! 

 Do you have any hidden talents?
Walking into anything and everything all the time.

Which emoji best matches your personality?   
What is your quirkiest habit?  
Dancing while eating :)
What is your favorite Sorelle Care product? 
Anything From Numis Med Urea, but I especially love the urea face cream for soothing & repairing my extremely sensitive dry skin.