Numis Med Face & Body Wash Refill Pack 1000 ml

  • This convenient multi-tasking cleanser helps safeguard skin against environmental aggressors while also calming sensitive, irritated skin.

    Curated with the most innovative dermatological technologies and safe enough for both the face and body, this gentle cleanser will leave your entire hydrated, soft and supple.

    Imported From Germany

  • SymCalmin® - Modeled after the soothing active ingredients found in oats. However, unlike most oat based formula’s, Numis Med® product line contains NO allergenic components

    Hydrolactol® - Specially designed to regulate the physiological pH value of the skin by decreasing water loss, while adding new moisture and protection.

  • Dampen face and body, dispense cleanser and massage all over body. Rinse.

    To achieve best results, combine this product with other products within the Numis Med series.

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